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Be part of Circular Citizens!

The Circular Citizens project is conducted in three phases, each in collaboration with different groups of people.

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Phase 3


2023 onwards

The third phase of the project includes Circular Utopia-workshops and repurpose experiments with high school students in Finland and abroad to familiarize ourselves with circular living, anticipate circular future and find interculturally common ground around circular economy and living. Would your school like to participate? Sends us a message!

Phase 2

2022 onwards

The second phase includes visualizing St. Petersburgs waste sorting routes and hotspots of ecological lifestyle with the help of a geolocated survey for St. Petersburg circular activists. The geolocated survey is constructed by the insights of the projects´ first phase interviews.

The second phase also includes surveying wider public’s attitudes toward waste prevention in Finland. The interviews of the first phase inform also construction of the Finnish survey.

Phase 1

2021 onwards

Phase 1 includes mapping out both St. Petersburgs and Finlands active citizens, influencers and movements aiming to promote and share ideas on everyday circular practices, such as waste prevention, reuse and recycling.


Phase 1 includes also interviewing these active citizens. The interviews can be read at Stories tab, and serve to educate, inspire and help to live in a more circular manner.

Want to participate?

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