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Some nice workshopping at the Arabia primary school Pop-up Day

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Written by: Piia Lundberg and Heli Harjama

We organized a circular economy related workshop for the pupils of Arabia primary school on 26th April in connection with the school’s Pop-up Day. The pupils had the opportunity to mend clothes or other textiles, or to repurpose some unused or useless item nicer. In our workshop, only recycled materials were used. Pupils used different materials and techniques in tuning the goods, such as drawing, painting, gluing, sewing and crocheting. In the workshop e.g., canvas bags, storage boxes and accessories were tuned. It was a pleasure to see how enthusiastically these young people participated in the repair and repurpose workshop and how resourceful they are in using recycled materials. Organizing the workshop at school was a really rewarding and inspiring experience for us researchers, too.

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